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Web3/Metaverse Keynote 2022 in Riyadh

On June 21 Hosni Zaouali, CEO OF TECH-ADAPTIKA, gave a talk about the MetaVerse at THE IHUB CONFERENCE:

  • Metaverse in the context of Health Care.
  • How will the Metaverse impact the health insurance companies in Saudi Arabia?

VC-BootCamp 2022 in the Silicon Valley

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Visits and discussions at UC Berkeley, Skydeck and California Academy of Science:

  • The changing VC landscape from 2019 to 2022.
  • How COVID-19 has affected the M&A landscape?
  • How Start-ups are being considered for funding in this new economic order?
  • What Start-ups need to demonstrate in 2022? (Resilience, revenue, adaptability..)

VC-BootCamp 2020 : FOCUS AFRICA

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Meet and greet with influential executive LEADers:

  • Understand Africa’s various innovation ecosystems.
  • How governments and investors can build bridges between American and African ecosystems?
  • What are the favorable African Markets?
  • The impact of AI and FinTech on Africa innovation.
  • Customer acquisition in Africa: how to?
  • The role of large African corporations in attracting foreign investment on the continent. 

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