Every day, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia initiatives are moving the lines in health, education, energy, culture, urban (and more..) through entrepreneurship and tech innovation.

For instance, the impressive projects undertaken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia towards Vision 2030 ambitions are proof of a whole ecosystem commitment to build a better and sustainable future.

We believe in Saudi Arabia strong assets to become a worldwide tech entrepreneurship hub. Attracting and developing talents to enable for the ecosystem to thrive is crucial.

In that sense, we aim to build bridges between innovation ecosystems from Saudi Arabia and the Silicon Valley to
Reveal and Accelerate Innovation in Saudi’s Ecosystem. 



Our Actions

Our Speakers enable Saudi Arabia initiatives and projects to gain visibility in North America and Europe.

Our Network connects local ecosystem to European and North American top-notch entrepreneurs, innovation business leaders and academia.

Our Consultancy supports your talent attraction and development.

Embrace your business culture heritage and your regional challenges while connecting and partnering with European and North American successful and inspiring ecosystem builders to attract and develop best-in class talent.
Be Global-minded Entrepreneurs & Innovators.

Our Beliefs

An update of the international perception around the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is needed.

As the world gets smaller and smaller, building strong relationships with global actors is key for ecosystem development and viability.

Start-ups and companies with high ambition and assets to innovate are there but need the talent to accelerate their growth.

Our goal is to connect and engage innovation stakeholders from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Silicon Valley to shape a global innovation ecosystem that will:
• Boost scale-ups from different parts of the world.
• Give access to impact-driven investments to the most promising business regions around the world.


Hosni Zaouali
Rafik Mahjoubi
Olga Cherkasova
Tom Brady
Jalal Rayya
Chaïma Harbouch

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Start a discussion about a diversity of ideas, perspective, and opportunities.