The VC-BootCamp supports LEADers and executives turn good ideas into great businesses

Our mission is to help them impact their community and “Change Lives, Change Organizations, Change the World”.

2022 Silicon Valley VC-Bootcamp

This year, the event will take place on Thursday, March 10th in several locations between San Francisco and Palo Alto. See program below for more details. 

Meeting on March 10th

10:00AM – 12PM at University of Berkeley (California)


12:00PM – 1:00PM Lunch


1:30PM – 3:30PM SkyDeck Incubator


6:00PM – 7:30PM at California Academy of Science

Every Tuesday, 11am – 12pm PST:

The changing VC landscape from 2019 to 2022

How startups are being considered for funding in this new economic order

What startups need to demonstrate in 2021 (resilience, revenue, adaptability...)

How Covid-19 has affected the M&A landscape

Upcoming Sessions

As the world gets smaller and smaller, the VC Boot Camp’s mission is to build bridges between ecosystems around the world.

The VC-BootCamp helps LEADers and executives turn good ideas into great businesses. This LEADers-centric event, is hosted at Stanford GSB every year in the month of March.

After last year’s success, we have decided to take the VC-BootCamp on a world tour. Sponsored events around the globe include Toronto, Bay Area, Paris, and Johannesburg (South Africa).


What is the VC-BootCamp?


The idea of connecting LEADers from different innovation ecosystems has never been more relevant. Every year, during Me2We, we run our VC-BootCamp. A 2 day event where LEADers, international VC funds meet and learn with the main actors of the Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem.


This is a participant-led event organized at Stanford (not by Stanford). This Dragon’s Den type event will gather African, European and American LEADers and VCs. Ideators, LEADers, Start-Up founders can pitch their idea in front of interested investors, with an aim to get advice and/or possibly funding.

Connecting innovation ecosystems


Building bridges between various Tech ecosystems is more crucial than ever. By connecting LEADers, VC firms, corporate executives and entrepreneurs from the Silicon Valley, Europe and Africa, the VC-BootCamp promises to create value not only for your organization, but also for you.


The value of this event can be measure by what participants end up building together all over the world. 

Our goal is to shape a global innovation 

ecosystem that will: 

• Connect LEADers and investors from all over the world 

• Give an opportunity to Corporate innovators and traditional VCs to learn and invest outside of their comfort zone. 


By building bridges between innovation ecosystems, we are building diversity: a diversity of ideas, a diversity of perspective, a diversity of opportunities.

What will happen during the VC-BootCamp


  • Meet and greet with influential executive LEADers.
  • Understand various innovation ecosystems.
  • How governments and investors can build bridges between American and international ecosystems.