Membership Acknowledgment VC-BootCamp

Thank you for your interest in VC-BootCamp

Please note that any sponsorship or grant received by VC-BootCamp is not restricted to one location. Therefore, any sponsor or granter will be able to participate to all events (Silicon Valley, New York City, Toronto, Paris and Johannesburg) as part of their yearly membership.

IMPORTANT: speakers are selected by VC-BootCamp (not Stanford University) and may list their involvement as a volunteer activity on their resumes, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Serving as a speaker to VC-BootCamp cannot be listed as Employment under any circumstances.

This membership subscription to VC-BootCamp allows you to participate in all VC-BootCamp events held the same year, Toronto, New York City, Silicon Valley, Paris, Tunis and Johannesburg (during the Africa Investment Forum).


If you are a Stanford LEAD participant or part of the Stanford LEAD alumni, please do not subscribe to this membership as it is offered to you at no cost. Please email Liz Kupillas for more information.

As the world gets smaller and smaller, the VC Boot Camp’s mission is to build bridges between VC firms from different ecosystems around the world.

The VC-BootCamp supports VCs, incubators, and accelerators as they help entrepreneurs turn good ideas into great businesses. This VC-centric event, is hosted at Stanford GSB (not byStanford) every year in the month of March.
After last year’s success, we have decided to take the VC-BootCamp on a world tour. Sponsored events around the globe include Toronto, Johannesburg, Bay Area, Paris, and Tunis (Africa).