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Who can attend?

This event is specifically reserved for Stanford LEAD participants and alumni, but if you are a key member of the ecosystem, and if you think that your participation would be beneficial, you should apply to attend.

What will happen during VC-BootCamp?
– SPEAKERS (below)
– Start-up Pitch Competition
– Networking opportunities

Senegal has received a multi-Million dollar investment to open an Entrepreneurship Innovation Center in Dakar (Senegal). Senegalese Minister of Entrepreneurship will tell us how YOU can get involved
Nigerian CEO Amal Hassan will be sharing amazing outsourcing opportunities for your company. Come learn how your company can save money while being more efficient.
Québec is bridging North America to Francophone and Anglophone AfricaQuébec”s Delegate General will tell us how YOU can benefit from this opportunity
Speakers and attendees are selected by VC-BootCamp (not Stanford University) and if selected, may list their involvement as a volunteer activity on their resumes, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Serving as a speaker to VC-BootCamp hosted at Stanford cannot be listed as Employment under any circumstances.If you have any questions about this, please contact Hosni.Zaouali@Adaptika.Tech, Head of VC-BootCamp.Thank you for your cooperation.

Connecting innovation ecosystems

In the spirit of continuing building bridges between American, African and European innovation ecosystems, we have decided to focus this Stanford edition on the African Innovation Ecosytem:

  • Understanding Africa Various Innovation Ecosystems
  • How to build bridges between American and African VC firms.
  • The latest trend in the African Innovation Ecosystem.
  • AI and FinTech in Africa
  • Meet and shake hands with the main 
  • African VC firms and Funds of Funds. 


To do so, we are connecting LEADers, VC firms, and political decision makers all over the world to connect and exchange. This is what diversity really means.