Save a Spot for VC-BC Paris - Lille - Lead VC Bootcamp
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Get a Spot on the StartUp Train

Between Paris, (France) and EuraTech
July 5-6, 2019

Connecting innovation ecosystems

In the spirit of continuing building bridges between American and European innovation ecosystems, we have decided to focus on corporate innovation:

  • How larger corporations can acquire a startup culture to spark innovation.
  • Understanding the European Innovation Ecosystem


To do so, we are connecting VC firms all over the world to connect and exchange. This is what diversity really means.

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What is the VC-BootCamp

The idea of connecting VC firms from different innovation ecosystems has never been more relevant. Every year, during Me2We, we run our VC-BootCamp. A 2 day event where international VC funds meet and learn with the main actors of the Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem.


This Dragon’s Den type event gathers European and American VCs. Entrepreneurs can pitch their idea in front of interested VCs, with an aim to get advice and/or possibly funding.


As the world gets smaller and smaller, the VC Boot Camp’s mission is to build bridges between VC firms from different ecosystems around the world.

The VC-BootCamp supports VCs, incubators, and accelerators as they help entrepreneurs turn good ideas into great businesses. This VC-centric event, is hosted at Stanford GSB (not byStanford) every year in the month of March.
After last year’s success, we have decided to take the VC-BootCamp on a world tour. Sponsored events around the globe include Toronto, Bay Area, Paris, and Cape town (South Africa).


What will happen during VC Boot Camp

  • How larger corporations can acquire a startup culture to spark innovation.
  • How to build bridges between American and European VC firms.
  • The latest trend in the European Innovation Ecosystem.
  • The impact of Brexit
  • AI and Blockchain in Europe
  • Meet and shake hands with the main European VC firms and Funds of Funds.

The VC-BootCamp represents a good opportunity for participating VC firms & Funds of Funds to find and recognize good business opportunities .

  • Start-up founders with interested VC firms
  • VC firms with Funds of Funds from different countries
  • VC firms and Funds of Funds will also have the opportunity to engage around business opportunities happening in Europe, MENA zone, USA.